About Pomegranate Health

Inspired by the pomegranate’s formidable history of healing, we started Pomegranate Health in 2004. From the start we were committed to finding a way to translate all of this beautiful, vibrant fruit’s power into effective supplements, skin creams and oils.

Five years of happy customers testify to our success.

While many pomegranate products on the market only concentrate on one element of the pomegranate, Pomegranate Health products include all the powerful parts of this plant: The juice, seeds, peel and leaves. This brings you the entire synergy of the pomegranate’s rich array of unique nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

At pomhealth.com, you can find supplements designed to support hormonal balance and cardiac health. Our extensive skin care line includes oil and creams to protect against aging as well one specifically designed to nourish and heal the delicate tissues of the vagina and vulva.

We continue to work with our customers, independent research scientists and health care professionals to refine and develop formulations that meet your needs and work. We support independent research and a portion of our proceeds goes to support carefully selected non-profits in the area of women’s health and wellness.

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