It’s Neal Holtzman from Pomegranate Health. I’m sitting here, drinking in the cool of the morning after so many days of unbearable heat.

And these high temps got me thinking some deep thoughts . . .

See, as you may know, Kim and I also spend a lot of time in Israel. Our pomegranate products were developed in Israel by a leading research scientist. And there I’ve seen how even in the hottest, driest, craggiest spot, green plants take root. They scrounge every drop of water. They just about thumb their noses at the desert sun and thrive under seemingly impossible circumstances.

One of these tough, resilient desert denizens is the beautiful pomegranate.

Now, there are literally hundreds of studies on this plant (last time I checked there were 569 peer-reviewed articles published.) I spend a lot of time digging into this undeniable wealth of evidence about how pomegranate can help with heart health, aging, memory, skin care, hormonal health, and more . . .

But sometimes you need to step back from the laboratory reports and simply let that ancient and wise part of you observe and appreciate the wonders of nature.

Here’s this incredible tree, unlike any other plant on the planet. And it survives in places few plants can.

Not only that, it produces this brilliant, juicy red fruit!

No wonder, so many traditional healers have held it in such esteem. No wonder we’re finding its unique chemistry can help us contend with the tough stuff life throws at us.

Remember, our products contain 100% pomegranate extracts. These extracts are carefully sourced to give you the best support the pomegranate offers.

We tap into all the different resources this fruit offers – the seeds and the rind, as well as the pulp and juice. And we use research to assess which parts of the pomegranate work best for which health concerns.

And where pomegranate is mixed with other ingredients, we continue to use only the best nature offers.

So enjoy some of the good stuff such heat can produce. Go get yourself some of the desert’s secret for survival.

Yours in good health,

Neal Holtzman
Co-Founder, Pomegranate Health

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