Thank you all who joined our teleseminar last week!

We received many great questions, but did not have time to answer them all during the teleseminar. As promised, we are posting these questions right here:

Do you have a Chinese herb company that you would recommend for repairing kidney yen deficiency? (Sue, Texas)

You will need to consult with me to get the special formula. It is not available as a retail product. See my website below.

Do you recommend taking a supplement for adrenal exhaustion? (Cindi – Tallahassee)

Absolutely! I like Gaia Herbs Adrenal Support, Enzymatic Therapies Stress End or Dr. Wilson’s Dynamite Adrenals.

Will pomegranate help MEN who have adrenal exhaustion? (Sue, Texas)

Pomegranate does not support adrenals…men need adrenal support as well.

Do you feel soy is too strong an estrogen to take? (Debbie – Orlando)

I only recommend eating fermented soy product, i.e. miso, tempeh…not tofu. As for supplements, I prefer the Pomegranate Health products.

If my progesterone level is low, how can I increase it without the use of bioidential hormones? I’m taking bioidentical hormones now that include progesterone and a little estrogen. (Cindi – Tallahassee)

Yes…try using Maca and BalancePom. Always address the adrenals. I prefer to use homeopathic hormones which I use with my patients. Be sure to read my book Hormone Heresy. Remember, estrogen is usually what women need but you cannot stop it cold turkey.

What do you recommend for vaginal dryness? (Tempest – Herlong)

MoisturePom from  And then address kidney yin deficiency long term. You will need to get the Chinese herbal tincture from me directly. It is not available as a retail product.

I am a holistic health counselor and help women to enjoy their bodies by eating whole, fresh foods. I have lost weight, practice yoga, eliminated gluten and dairy and other food sensitivities, been on a candida diet…still have IBS and migraines. Any thoughts?  (Sheryl  – Fall River)

Start by using the probiotic Theralac – one a day for a month and then 2 a week as a maintenance program.

Dr. Sellman, Can you give us the name of the Endocrinologist in Vancouver? (Carol – San Francisco)

Jerilynn Prior

I have been using bio-identical HRT for about 13 years and just this year I have started to see my skin look as though I am 70/80 years of age. 🙁  Is this a symptom of estrogen? Is there any way to help restore my skin health elasticity? I am 58 years old.  (Carol – Palm Coast, Florida)

Yes…but to really help you, it is best to arrange a consultation to address the underlying health issues. Skin is an inside process primarily. Having said that, I do recommend a very special skin rejuvenation program. Contact me at my website below for details. Also use AgelessPom from

Is hCG ( human chorionic gonadotropin) effective for weight loss using a vegetarian diet? (Helen – Seattle)


Tuned in late to the teleseminar but what I heard was extremely informative (I’m from the NY area and will be looking into Dr. Sellman’s visit on May 8). You might have addressed this in the earlier part, but as a 56 year old in the throws of menopause, my only major complaint is that I would be so happy if I could get a good nights sleep! I’ve done maca, ashwaghandi (sp), rodiola, you name it. And if you can help with thinning hair, I would love it, but the sleeplessness is of most concern. Thank you so much. (Teri)

Sleep issues are related to a various things…low levels of melatonin, exhausted adrenal glands, stress, blood sugar imbalances, parasites etc etc. Sleep in total darkness with a sleep mask, take all electrical devices away from your head at night, and use adrenal support.

Please listen to my recent teleseminar, read Hormone Heresy and subscribe to my website – the link is at the bottom of this post. There are many insights there to understand the root cause issues.

I need to say that unfortunately for me this description of misery; “anxiety attacks, mood swings and aggressiveness that made her feel close to insane…I was spiraling down a black hole that swallowed me by degrees every day.”  was how going through menopause naturally was. I tried a short course of the so called Bio-identical hormones, and they only made the nightmare worse! I have been suffering from menopausal symptoms for almost 14 years, and am now postmenopausal, but have yet to find anything that makes me feel a whole lot better. I took Pomegranate Health BalancePom for two months, but I am still flashing regularly and have bouts of anxiety, apathy and feelings of aversion and aggression toward my loved ones. I am too frightened to try HRT again, but I am wondering why the (BalancePom) is not really working for me. I also have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and I’m thinking that perhaps it’s not just my reproductive hormones that are causing my distress. If anyone has any suggestions or advice, I would so appreciate it. (Darlene)

Your health issues seem to be more chronic than one supplement can resolve. My website and book will be truly enlightening to you since it explains exactly the cause of your health issues. It has many free articles and special reports that will help you understand what is going on with you.

What is the cost of the saliva testing? (Andrea – NYC)

The Adrenal Stress panel provides a reliable stress marker, revealing adrenal imbalances. Changes in circulating levels of cortisol and DHEA indicate shifts in adrenal function that can affect an individual’s energy, disease resistance, and emotional state. The adrenal hormones, cortisol and DHEA-SO4, are directly involved in the body’s growth, immune response, and cardiovascular function. Cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, depression, and osteoporosis are some of the conditions that result from adrenal hormone imbalance. They affect carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism, act as anti-inflammatory agents, modulate thyroid function, and help in stress related conditions. This innovative saliva test employs cutting edge twenty-first century technology with the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine.

The following 11 saliva tests are performed in this Comprehensive 24 hour Circadian Endocrine Profile: 5 Cortisol Tests, DHEA, Progesterone, Estradiol, Testosterone, Food Intolerance Tests, and Gliaden (Gluten Intolerance). The cost is $199.

I will need to arrange to get the test sent to you. The results are sent to me and we will follow up with a one hour consultation to design a protocol. My one hour consultation is $145. Please contact me at the website below.

And post your additional questions and comments right here.  I’ll be sure to answer them on the blog!

Peace be with you,

Dr. Sherrill Sellman

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